Endorsed by the Volusia County Deputies Association AND the Volusia County Professional Fire Fighters Association. I will fully fund public safety.

I am running for Volusia County Chair because we need to change the current philosophy of this government. For decades, Volusia County has been led by a destructive “growth at all costs” philosophy. You need a voice at the table and I will make the needs, desires, and hopes of our current taxpayers THE priority.

It's difficult to change the status quo.  Volusia needs someone who is not afraid to represent you instead of the powerful special interests. I will provide the leadership our county council needs to navigate our way out of the failed focus on the bright shiny objects always sold as the next big game changer.


We can strengthen the tax base of our cities and towns by focusing on the infrastructure and quality of life in our core areas and neighborhoods. The attempt to build a regional monster like Miami / Ft. Lauderdale has already harmed our quality of life. I will focus on our current residents and the hometown quality of life that you fell in love with when you made Volusia your home. 

It’s time we build for your future, your health, and your quality of life. When we do that our local businesses will flourish and visitors, as well as new good clean businesses, will want to be part of our community. Let's build a county that your children can chose to stay in. We can give them a Volusia that is full of opportunity.

In order to do this we have to bring people together and win an election.  We have already shaken up the county power structure. That means developer money will be poured into this election to buy the politicians who will preserve their status quo. Please, don’t let money and slick promises win another local election.

We won the sales tax increase battle, the primary, and we can win this election. Please join me in this battle for our future. Check out the Get Involved section of this site and take control of your government with real representation on the Volusia County Council.


Every voter in Volusia County can vote in this race.  Please elect Jeff Brower for Volusia County Chair.

Too much of this:

Is destroying this:

Tax increases and overdevelopment are not our only options! There is a Plan B and it is based on sound business principles and the desires of Volusia residents.
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