I am running for Volusia County Chair to bring people together. With your help, we can restore trust and bring a bright future for every Volusia County resident. You have the desire and I have heard you.  You just need a voice at the table. For decades, Volusia County has been led by an outdated “growth at all costs” philosophy. 


There is another way, but it's difficult to change the status quo.  Volusia needs someone who is not afraid to represent you instead of the powerful special interests. I will provide the leadership our county council needs to navigate our way out of the failed policies of the past. We can restore the beautiful lands and fresh water that is safe for drinking, fishing, swimming and boating, but we have to start today, and we have to stand and work together.  

We can restore our cities and towns while preserving our history instead of destroying it.  The green spaces, springs, lakes, rivers, and beaches we all love must be valued and protected.  The rule of law and respect for every taxpayer should be guiding principles.  You can bury the politics of special favors with your vote in this election.  It will require an army of people who have had enough of the status quo and are willing to work for real change.

It’s time we build for our future, your health, and your quality of life. When we do that our local businesses will flourish and visitors, as well as new good clean businesses, will beat a path to our door.

So let’s do something that is rarely done in politics, let’s come together and win an election for all of our families.  As usual, money will be poured into this election to preserve the “way things are.”  But you are in charge, we are the government.  I will be your voice and I won’t sell you out. Please support JEFFVBROWER for Volusia County Chair.

Too much of this:

Is destroying this:

Tax increases and overdevelopment are not our only options!

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