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Mark D. Barker

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 Monday, July 30, 2018


In the Interest of Jeff Brower



I’m Mark Barker, retired Chief of Police and author of the political opinion blog Barker’s View. 


It is my pleasure to endorse and support Jeff Brower’s candidacy for Volusia County Council District 1!


Unfortunately, the tone and focus of Volusia County government has changed. 


Over the past decade, we have stood helplessly as our hallowed democratic principles were trampled by greedy politicians bent on serving a few wealthy insiders who have warped our system of governance through the infusion of massive contributions to the campaigns of hand-select candidates.


In turn, we have watched fees and taxes increase for those least able to pay – while corporate entities and political donors continue to receive tax incentives, infrastructure improvements and cash giveaways.


That’s wrong – and it’s time We, The People elect strong, ethical leadership who will stop the abuse, neglect and economic stagnation that is threatening our quality of life.


In my view, Jeff Brower represents the passion and positive change we desperately need in Volusia County. 


Jeff Brower can’t be bought.


He has worked diligently to identify waste and mismanagement in County government, and has served as a tireless advocate for accountability and responsive representation.  I also admire his active volunteerism and commitment to preserving our unique heritage of beach driving and access.     


Most important, Jeff Brower knows that character counts. 


I believe his impressive dedication to the highest ideals of the public service – ethical leadership, accessibility and fairness – will serve the best interests of ALL citizens of Volusia County. 


I trust Jeff’s judgement and you should too.   


I strongly urge you to vote for Jeff Brower and support his vision of returning government of the people, by the people and for the people to Volusia County, Florida. 


Mark D. Barker

Ormond Beach, Florida

"Florida Tenth Amendment Action Center fully            endorses Jeff Brower for Volusia County Council.  Local government is where freedom begins.  We need champions of liberty like Jeff in local Government."
                            Kevin Duffy Associate Professor of                                                 Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in                                Florida and a principal in InspiringLifeOver50.com.                              Click the graphic to read Kevin's endorsement.

                             Ken W. Edwards, Volusia County Sheriffs Office,                                      retired, Sergeant and Administrative Aid for

                                    training.  US Army, CW4 with Army CID, retired.

                                     Jeff and I go back over 40 years when we were lifeguards                                                 together with the Volusia County Beach Patrol. We loved the                                           beach and took pride in protecting the public from all kinds of water and weather conditions. Jeff and I are both disturbed over what has happened to Volusia County and the beach due to big money and corrupt government. I am so grateful Jeff is running for county council and hope and pray he is elected. He is a wonderful Christian husband, father and grandfather, who is faithful to our God, country and the public!

Mark Lynady, Palatka Fire Department, Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal, retired 2016

Raised in Daytona Beach, FL State certified Paramedic, fire instructor, fire Inspector, Fire Officer, and Arson Investigator. Mark served for 34 years.

                           Bobby Wise, Business Development Manager, Co-                                              Owner Delta Life Fitness, Daytona BeachUnited States

                                  Marine Corps 2003-2014. "I am glad to endorse                                                                  Jeff Brower for Volusia County Chair. I have known Jeff my entire                                        life, and he is a principled man of integrity who believes strongly in                                      preserving the Constitutional Republic of our American founding. At a local level, he has always stood on the side of the citizen in every issue for as long as I have known him. Volusia County is fortunate to have a solid candidate in the race!"

                                Mr. Bret Douglas, Debary Community                                                                  Activist, Businessman, "I have had the privilege and the                                                  pleasure to know Mr. Jeff Brower since Hurricane Matthew.                                                We met during a sad time when a member of our                                                                    community died during the storm. I was not only                                                                    impressed with his family but the fact that they seem to be a family straight from the Waltons or the cleaver family. A family from a time long ago where values, morals and honest living were the normality not the exception as in today's time. I have worked side by side with him. His can do attitude and patriotic example are an inspiration to all those around him. I would be excited to see a man of principal be elected to make a difference in these troubling times. A vote for Jeff is a vote in the right direction."

                              Ken Mayo, Liberty Consultant. "If you live in Volusia County                                    please consider supporting this man. Although I don’t live in Volusia I

                              know Jeff, and I know him to be a man of  integrity, a person that will

                              always speak the truth and will do what he  says he’s going to do.

                              Because of that I have full faith and confidence in Jeff. We all say with

                              our lips how important it is for us to get involved on a local level. Well here’s your chance, with a guy that truly believes in 'Restoring America: One County at a Time' (read this book, and of course the Constitution and you’ll know Jeff’s politics). And if you don’t live in the district remember this. The stronger our counties the stronger our state and the stronger our state the stronger our nation. Support Jeff Brower

                                   Dr. John Hill, West Volusia Family and Sports                                       Medicine, former Volusia County School Board,                       District 1, West Volusia Hospital Authority                                             Commissioner. 
                                   "I offer my Full endorsement of Jeff for Volusia                                          County Chair. We need change and a full                                                      overhaul of this council. In this case HE will
                                    gain the public’s confidence back for addressing
                                    our concerns and representing our best interests!"
Robert R. Foster
Attorney at Law
Rich Avenue
DeLand, FL

Denise Collins,  resident and employee of Volusia County.

"I am pleased to endorse Jeff Brower as Volusia County Council's next Chairman. I believe Jeff will serve Volusia County and its residents with honor and integrity. Jeff is a lifelong resident of Volusia County with a strong passion to protect Volusia's citizens, freshwater supply, wetlands and other precious resources. Jeff believes in standing up against money hungry developers and knows it's time for them to pay their fair share, he says no to giving them more of the taxpayer dollars, he says no to special favors. Jeff also would protect our tax dollars by advocating against annual property tax and sales tax increases, and will fight for responsible spending of our money. Jeff will advocate for properly staffed fire services, emergency medical services, law enforcement and lifeguards. These are just a few of many ways Jeff wants to work to protect the citizens of Volusia County. Jeff believes in protecting and preserving our resources from developers through responsible and smart growth that will be productive while protecting and preserving our wetlands, beaches, and other resources. Jeff is an honest hard working resident and family man of Volusia County that believes in the voice of the people through the power of voting. By voting for Jeff Brower you are voting for honor, integrity, and in returning trust to a local government that has been lacking for many years."

Sincerely, Denise Collins

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