YOU are Volusia's greatest assets. We will win this campaign with citizen ambassadors working their precincts all over our county.    

We have a tremendous opportunity to Make A Difference for your Family's future!

Register to vote here before July 27, 2020
Vote in the Primary August 25, 2020

Please visit, like, and share us on Facebook.


Then mail to 310 Dawson Brown Rd., DeLeon Springs, FL 32130


4000 signed petitions will save the campaign thou$and$ of dollars in qualifying fees.

Click here for a sample of a properly filled out petition.


There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door, posting on social media, endorsing Jeff on this page, putting out yard signs, or hosting meet and greets in your home. Of course the campaign will need money.  Hosting a neighborhood fund raiser is a great way to spread the word and finance the campaign from "we the people" instead of "them the developers" and power brokers.  


I want to meet as many people as possible on a personal level. One of the best ways to do that is to invite a group of your friends, neighbors, and relatives to your home for an informal meet and greet.  You do not have to go to any expense it can be coffee, tea, and good conversation. Or our family will bring a spread of good food!  We have a house full of great chefs,


I want to hear what your concerns are for our county and any questions you may have about me or for me.  I want to hear your reasons if you no longer believe your vote matters.

If you have a church group, club, or any community organization I would also be glad to hear their concerns and answer their questions. 


We need help in many areas. Please contact the campaign if you are willing to place a yard sign on your property.  We are also looking for 10 properties on major roads that would allow us to put up (and take down) 4x4 campaign signs.

Would you help us by walking your neighborhood to hand out campaign literature?

How about making calls from a provided list to ask registered voters  to vote for Jeff Brower, Volusia County Chair?

We have bumper stickers we would love to have on the back windshields of cars and trucks in West Volusia.  Email us if you would place one on your vehicles.

Add Your Voice to the Jeff Brower Campaign

Jeff Brower

310 Dawson Brown Rd.

DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

Tel: 386-985-5736

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