Jeff Brower has lived in Volusia County since he was 3 years old.  He moved from Daytona Beach to DeLeon Springs in 1982 where he and Terri, his wife of 32 years, started a small organic farm, nursery, and a family. Jeff often says the best thing they grow are children.  He and Terri have four sons and five daughters.

While his Dad was recuperating from a heart attack, Jeff’s father visited Daytona

Beach. He fell in love with the beach, the Halifax River, and the beautiful St. Johns

River. He especially enjoyed the freedom to drive on our beautiful beaches and

recognized a growing community offering opportunity for a young family. Returning

home he announced to the family they were moving to Daytona, sold his construction

business, and bought a little house for the family of six on the mainland.

Jeff worked doing lawn maintenance and light landscaping from the time he was

12 years old. He saved enough to purchase his first motorcycle and car. Jeff’s Dad

taught him to be responsible, hardworking, and a good neighbor. His high school

swim coach hired him as a Volusia County lifeguard starting as a tower guard and

advancing to Captain of Daytona’s busy Main Street station.

He and a fellow guard attended DBCC where they were the first two Volusia County lifeguards to earn their EMT certification. It was during this time Jeff learned the incredible draw and valuable asset Volusia County beaches were for our economy and quality of life. It was also an opportunity to do what Jeff loved most, serving others and working in our beautiful Volusia environment.

After nine years of service on the beach while he attended night classes and days off at DBCC, Jeff left the Beach Patrol to attend the University of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Horticulture. He has worked in the Agriculture industry since 1979 as a nursery manager, recruiter helping others find employment, sales and marketing manager, and now a business owner, organic farmer, and permaculture designer. 

While working as a manager for 12 years in Volusia’s important cut foliage industry Jeff, Terri, and the family started an organic farm raising chickens and produce. Having a desire to work as a family they went full time in farming and added an organic based landscape business which grew to a full service design, construction, and maintenance company which continues today as one of the primary family businesses. They grow much of their own food while sharing and selling the bounty to others. This is a family that believes in hard work and good stewardship.

Jeff and Terri have taught their family to be servants in the community, local church, and to our country. They enjoy helping others without fanfare. As part of a hands on education, the whole family has been active in civic responsibilities, volunteer work, and were part of the initial core group to protect beach access and driving, the freedom that first drew Jeff’s father to Volusia. Jeff has served as a church elder and teacher but his most rewarding job is being the father of nine great young people.


Jeff and Terri's oldest sons are active duty military. Their oldest son Brandon in Afghanistan and is now active duty on a foreign field. Ben served in Iraq and is currently training for a mission in the Middle East. Every member of the Brower family participates in community service and they just enjoy being good neighbors.

Jeff’s desire to serve his neighbors in Volusia County grows out of his personal experiences as a lifelong member of this community and the observations we hear expressed every day by our neighbors that our voices no longer matter.  It is dangerous to a community when the people feel like their votes don’t count.  Jeff agrees with your concerns and will be your voice to set Volusia on a path to be the same safe place to work, play, and raise families that we enjoyed growing up here. He is running for his family, for you, and for your families. 

like you, Jeff is tired of voting for someone only to be pushed aside for the wishes of Volusia's power brokers. He will be your voice and your vote on the council regardless of your economic or personal status. You should be the special interest our county government is concerned about. Our American principles and personal desire for a safe and secure life are in danger as families are confronted with an ever growing tax burden, rising crime rates, intrusive government, and fiscal irresponsibility that leaves essential services under funded. It seems as if our votes and voices no longer matter to the people we elect to represent us.

The county is the first line of defense to protect our liberty, neighborhoods and beautiful environment. County government should provide an effective environment for superior public safety, transportation, education, recreation, and a safe and clean environment. It should also encourage small business establishment and opportunity without picking winners and losers.

It is time your money was recognized as your money instead of a slush fund for rewarding political favors. It is time to give you as much respect, and the same kind of consideration, as the richest businesses in our community. It is time local government serve the local businesses that have stuck it out here for decades. It is time to make Volusia County the cleanest, healthiest, and safest County to raise your family, work, play and retire in. We can be the county that rolls out the red carpet not just for the well-connected, but for every resident striving to open a small business or build a home and a life here. That will attract businesses and residents that are good neighbors. 

Jeff is asking for your support to be YOUR voice on the Volusia County Council. He

will keep his word to you. Please click on the word service below if you would like

to know Jeff's understanding of his responsibility in public SERVICE.


Jeff Brower

Let's Restore Trust in Government 

Help Jeff be your voice for positive change!

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