June 26, 2018

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Second in the series, Pro-Taxpayer, Pro-Responsible Growth, without Incentives

April 22, 2018

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Third in the series, "Follow the Money..." Women, Mr. Wonderful, and Power

March 20, 2018

Most men won their wives by treating her like she was an incredible lady.  There are of course a few vain exceptions that assume they are God’s gift to women.  They make it clear that if they are given everything they desire the lucky contributor might enjoy the esteem of a lifetime relationship with him. 


In almost every case such a relationship leaves a broken heart as Mr. Wonderful soon departs for fresh real estate to conquer.  You know the drill, we have all seen it.


Fortunately most men woo their brides by being willing to crawl through blackberry vines on their belly without a shirt in order to retrieve her lost puppy.  We opened doors, wore cologne, bought dinner, picked her up on time, and feigned enjoyment for her favorite chick flick just to be near her. 


You said you loved her and your actions did not betray your words.


Business operates the same way.  The customer is Queen and business is her servant.  In a free market economy the customer holds all the power and votes with her dollars for the best available product at a price that provides real value. 


The process of buying is a competition which guarantees she will be treated with respect and truthfulness.  The reward for her are products and services she needs and wants.  Likewise, the business receives the revenue and good feelings it must have to survive. 


If the business fails to meet consumer’s expectations or does not produce goods or services they want, it will go bankrupt and close.  Everyone benefits as jobs and resources are then moved to companies that do a better job producing what the market desires.  The customer, therefore, is in charge of production! 


However, when government gets involved by trying to force the relationship or by giving an unfair advantage the forces that govern our free market are undermined and everyone but the chosen business suffers.  The Queen is dethroned and that makes her angry.


The fact that this oligarchical relationship between business and government has become the norm is not a reason to continue it.  In fact, continuing the giveaways is a sign of weakness. Like a drug, once started, it is hard to stop because there is no thought of doing anything else.  It's easy and it feels soo good.  


Once offered many more hands will be held out.  Are those the kinds of businesses we want? 


In growing numbers, whole communities around the country are suffering from an eroded tax base as large companies are given unfair political favors in return for help in keeping their seats of power and invitations to the swankiest cocktail parties.  The answer is not more government control, regulations, and requirements.  That is just another way to control competition in favor of large companies with entire departments for attorneys, accountants, and lobbyists. 


The answer is to disperse the power away from government and put it back in the hands of consumers.  We need to crown the Kings and Queens of Volusia County once again.  Their servants need to be on the dais. 


Our fearless leaders have given away so much of our tax money there is not enough left to build and maintain roads and infrastructure.  There is not enough to provide the Sheriff’s office with a 21st Century computer system.  Special favors and handouts could upgrade Firefighter and EMS services that provide greater safety and efficiency for Volusia citizens and visitors.


These are the very things that will bring in good business and make our lives more pleasant. 


Once corporate welfare is recognized as a destructive force that limits our quality of life and liberty it becomes the reason to stop it.   


How is that possible when the taxpayers are looked down on as lowly serfs with no standing? 

We remember who we are and the power handed to us in a republic.  We show up in record numbers to a hot August 28, 2018 primary. The ruling class is confident you will stay home thinking your vote does not matter.  Let’s surprise them, show up anyway and vote, then have a throw the ruling class out party! 

Put it on your calendar as a holiday.    


Turn up the heat in August!

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