June 26, 2018

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April 22, 2018

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Fourth in the series, "Follow the money..."

March 25, 2018

It's the first day of the week and many are feeling discouraged by the politics of the week past. On a national level our Congress just passed the most grotesque assault on our children's and grandchildren's financial future we have ever witnessed. It is absolutely indefensible.  The leaders of both parties got together and fleeced Americans for the purpose of giving away a trillion of our tax dollars to their cronies around the county.  The pay back is these lifetime political vulchers get huge financial contributions for their upcoming elections.


I have good news and bad news for you.  The bad news is that we are experiencing exactly the same behavior at the county and city level in Volusia.  


Those we have trusted with our votes are handing out our hard earned money to their "friends" who are more than willing to use it to further their own fortunes.  Why are the businesses and residents whose tax dollars are given away to support these corporate abusers not taking to the streets to stop a practice that is destroying our community?


It's because they don't think there is any alternative.  We have been steeped for so long in the conventional wisdom that says it is just the way things are done and, since every community does it, we will not attract big businesses with high paying jobs if we don't do it to.  


We are accepting a lie as fact.


Here is the good news. Most companies don't ask for an unfair advantage to move into a community and the ones that come with their hands out should be turned away. Why? Because once they see weakness in a political class that is willing to lick their boots it is a guaranteed and observable certainty they will keep coming back for more and more or threaten to leave.


More good news:  Knowledge is power and you can be armed with the truth to fight the lie you will hear this political season.  The only thing this swindle is rewarding our community with is career politicians who willingly deplete our financial base for their own preservation.  


Every study done that honestly tracks the results of corporate welfare demonstrate, at best, this transfer of resources does nothing to benefit the community and may actually harm it.  I have posted some of this research in previous blogs and will offer more in the next two.  Much of the research shows this political robbery harms the tax base of a community to the point they can no longer provide the legitimate services local governments should be concerned with.  


Therefore, "new" funding sources must be created.  Sound familiar Volusia?  Stop buying the lie and be armed with the truth.  I encourage you to spend 20 minutes watching the video attached below.  It will encourage you.  First, because it is good to know you are not just stupid for resisting the conventional wisdom.  It will also encourage you to hear that every business does not expect an unfair advantage and these prove to be the best businesses in a community.


My position.  We don't need businesses who expect an unfair advantage over other businesses who have spent years being a good neighbor.  When we stop giving multiple millions of our tax dollars away as corporate welfare we can afford to do the things that will make our community attractive to the good businesses and residents we want.  


Watch this video now and get the facts:  




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