June 26, 2018

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Second in the series, Pro-Taxpayer, Pro-Responsible Growth, without Incentives

April 22, 2018

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Stop the madness!

June 26, 2018

Volusia County is suffering from poor management. The County Council finally took action, but not without a lot of pressure from citizens just like you.

The County Manager was ‘allowed’ to retire. This well-compensated government employee was in the news repeatedly- enough to get any employee fired. But he persisted because the County Council wouldn’t take action.

While a flood of citizen issues, bad press and known problems finally led to the decision, the trouble is far from over.

Now the same County Council,  too afraid to take action before, wants to quickly name a replacement before residents can vote to bring in new people with a fresh perspective.

Yes, they want to ignore the voters of this great County. And pull a fast one. Knowing an election might see them to the door, several Council Members want to put in place someone they favor.

The same people who could have taken action a long time ago are now trying to put their mark on your county for the next 10-15 years instead of allowing you to vote your wishes. 

(Remember, when they allowed the County Manager to ‘retire’, he offered to stay on until January. Even the outgoing County Manager knows it will take several months to hire)

So why is there a rush to get someone named before the election? Before you have a chance to vote your opinion of this and other issues? Are there some things that must stay concealed? While we can only guess, none of the answers seem right...

What you can do:


Contact your County Council Representative (list below) and tell them “you want the Council to wait until after the November Elections to hire a new County Manager”.


Ask them to commit to that position to you!  If they won’t, you know they don’t reflect your wishes and need to be voted out August 28, 2018 or there next election.  This can not wait until November!  


All of us who love Volusia County and want to reclaim and protect our quality of life, our heritage and a future for our children must turn out in record numbers for the PRIMARY. 

It was your voice that just terminated Jim Dinneen. It will be your voice that demonstrates who the government is supposed to be this August 28. 


I frequently write about August 28 being FREE VOLUSIA COUNTY DAY.  It is not a joke or just a cheap moniker.  There is truth in those few words.  We, all of us, are responsible for the government we have.  We can prevail over "the powers that be" because this representative republic was skillfully established to give the common man, the forgotten men and women, We The People real power.  But we have to use it!  Let's use it wisely and in massive numbers!  It is time to send a powerful message to this corrupt system of corporate cronyism that controls Volusia politics: money and the promise of special favors will no longer rule over Volusia taxpayers.  


It stops August 28.


Flood the polls on August 28, 2018.  If you are not registered to vote, register today here:  https://registertovoteflorida.gov/en/Registration/Index

Then put this date on your calendar and be part of a peaceful revolution. 


My position: It’s time to hold the County Council accountable to represent us. With your help, I will be elected to represent you for County Council District 1 on August 28, 2018.  Conventional wisdom says that is impossible.  Let's not be conventional, let's be free.  THEN we can have a clean start with a new County Manager after the elections!


Don’t put it off, CALL TODAY!



Chair   Next Election: 2020

ED KELLEY  (386) 943-7026           Fax: (386) 626-6557  Email: ekelley@volusia.org


Vice Chair, District 3  Next Election: August 28, 2018

DEBORAH DENYS  (386) 740-5224           Fax: (386) 626-6557 Email: ddenys@volusia.org


At-Large         Next Election: Termed Out, call her anyway and ask her to support your position. 

JOYCE CUSACK  (386) 943-7026   Fax: (386) 626-6557  Email: jcusack@volusia.org


District 1         Next Election: August 28, 2018  VOTE BROWER

PAT PATTERSON  (386) 740-5224  Fax: (386) 736-5344  Email: ppatterson@volusia.org


District 2         Next Election: 2020

BILLIE WHEELER  (386) 740-5224              Fax: (386) 626-6557 Email: bwheeler@volusia.org


District 4         Next Election: 2020

HEATHER POST  (386) 943-7026    Fax: (386) 626-6557  Email: hpost@volusia.org


District 5         Next Election: 2018

DR. FRED LOWRY  (386) 943-7026           Fax: (386) 626-6557  Email: flowry@volusia.org