June 26, 2018

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Second in the series, Pro-Taxpayer, Pro-Responsible Growth, without Incentives

April 22, 2018

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When given the chance to vote to raise your own taxes, what should you do?

January 19, 2019

“In Volusia County: VOTE NO.”


Raising taxes is the easy way out. When leaders refuse to represent your best interests, they often attempt to convince us there is a crisis for which they must confiscate more of our income.  Or else the consequences are your fault!  That is what we are about to hear in Ed Kelley's upcoming "education" campaign.  


It's a lie.  Don't take their bait.


When it comes to spending your hard earned money Volusia County politicians have a well established track record of not being worthy of your trust.


We have seen this latest tax increase coming for years.  You slowed it down by going public with the fact that for 15 years our County Councils have not asked their developer friends and campaign contributors to collect reasonable impact fees to offset the financial burden that comes along with growth. 


You did that, and you can stop this latest attempt to make all of us pay for the economic growth of a few local developers and power brokers.


Tax increases are often used to cover the bad management of existing politicians who create problems and then stick us up to bail them out.  Now, those same politicians have a solution that will actually make the problems worse.


Why would we want to give more money to the same politicians responsible for creating the problems to begin with?  Make no mistake, it is the campaign contributors controlling many of our local politicians who will end up with (more of) your tax money in their wallets.  


Budgeting, land use planning (and sticking to it), making hard decisions- just like you do with your home budget- is what our public servants are supposed to do.  Instead, our current and previous county councils have created the growing disaster we see as congestion, poor water quality, blight in our core tourist areas, and a general decrease in the quality of life Volusia County natives enjoyed growing up and many residents moved here to enjoy.


We don't need higher taxes in Volusia County.  Politicians already have so much of your money they can give it to their friends and call it economic development.  Just look around. What we see is not economic development, it is economic embezzlement.  What Volusia County needs is a few more actual public servants, not more primadonnas who do the bidding of the local power brokers. 


Please don't reward those responsible for creating this mess with any more of your money to exasperate the problems.  We have 30 years of a failed experiment in their version of "economic development" to learn from. 


It is time to squelch their pleas for "More Taxes! More Taxes!" like the phony cries of a spoiled child. 




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