Voting Has Begun! You Can Elect Jeff BROWER in the Primary and take back your POWER!  50% of the Vote for Brower + 1 Vote Wins

Why Vote for  Brower?

Jeff Brower will not lie to you and he will not plot to continue efforts to raise your sales tax AFTER the election. Compare that commitment to what Deb Denys has already done.

Here is the workshop audio where at 1 hour and 10 minutes in Denys "is on thin ice" recommending the ECHO funds be used for infrastructure. When you vote for ECHO, neither the controlling language nor the procedural languge will have been written for either ECHO or VOLUSIA FOREVER. Do you trust her to carry out your intent? The video above gives you more insight into where she is going. While these funds you want passed be bundled into another sales tax increase attempt to pay for her contributors new infrastructure on the outskirts of town? 5

This was submitted by a local accountant concerning the misinformation that Denys uses to claim she is cutting our property taxes: 
"Recently, Councilman Denys (who's currently running for County Chair) explained that she was a tax cutter, and said that you can just look at what the County Council enacted while she was on it as evidence. So I took her up on it.


While the raw millage numbers indicate that the millage did drop many years that she was in office, Florida Statutes claim otherwise. Quite a while ago, probably because of claims about tax cuts that were anything but cuts, the Florida Legislature passed the TRUTH In Millage Act, commonly referred to as TRIM. TRIM requires that governments calculate every year the "roll back rate", or the property tax rate that produces approximately the same property tax revenue from existing properties as the previous year. (There's still potential increases in revenue due to new construction, etc.)

In other words, if the enacted millage is ABOVE the roll back rate, according to Florida law, it's a tax increase. And looking at the record, there was only one year with Denys on the County Council when they enacted a property tax below the roll back rate, and only one when they enacted the roll back rate. All other years that she was on the council, the enacted rate was above roll back.

The roll back rate is calculated based on the current rate, not on the previous roll back rate. But I thought it would be useful to know what the current tax rate would be if the County Council had actually enacted the roll back rate every year. (To be a tax cutter, the enacted rate would need to be lower than this number.)

The current tax rate is 5.5900 mills. The what-if roll back rate? 4.0814.

(I'm only looking at the operating millage. If I added in the other Volusia County millages, it would look worse.)

After eight years on the County Council, I don't know if Denys doesn't understand property taxes, doesn't understand roll back, doesn't understand Florida Statues, or doesn't understand math. Or if Denys is merely lying to the voters.

In either case, she appears to be completely unqualified to be the County Council Chair. Please vote accordingly.

So how much can deceptive Deb deceive the doubting denizens? Apparently it slips off her tongue like slime on a snail. Oozes!


I really wanted to nail down this claim of lower taxes this year. Nope, not happening on the one property I own which has no exemptions.  The following data is from my tax bill for the period of 2016-2020, if the millage she quoted is adopted for 2020. To my knowledge it not yet official.

2016 70,005 6.652 $465.67

2017 70,925 6.652 $471.79

2018 78,018 6.2464 $487.30

2019 85,820 5.59 $479.73

2020 94,402 5.45? $514.49, Calculated

And to think she has a degree in business management. Hmmmm"

This election you can say NO to career politicians that don't tell the truth and think you  are too stupid to know what you are voting for. Jeff BROWER will not lie to you and he will do everything in his power to convince a majority on the council to stop raising your taxes. You can make that happen by ELECTING JEFF BROWER IN THE PRIMARY. That will tell every elected public servant in Volusia County you have had enough. Let's set new spending

priorities and put Volusia County Tax Payers First. 

The Choice IS Clear, VOTE for Jeff BROWER at your precinct voting locations and let's end the reign of a career politician. Find your voting location here:

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